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Benefits of Partnership

Ways to Engage

Access to Colorado training grant funds

Business and Expertise Exposure

Shape Program Content

Convenient Delivery

Focused, real-world skills

Access highly qualified employees

Promote Organizational Initiatives

College Grant Development

The Colorado Community College System is committed to continuously engaging in partnerships to promote student success and serve the workforce needs of our communities. To facilitate these partnerships each of our colleges are interested in developing connections in business and industry, with foundations, and with other government organizations as well as with other institutions of education. If you have a partnership opportunity you would like to explore with one of our member institutions, the following individuals have been identified by their college as a good point of contact.

College Contact Email
Arapahoe Community College Carrie Zwanzig Carrie.Zwanzig@arapahoe.edu
Colorado Northwestern Community College Michael Melneck michael.melneck@cncc.edu
Community College of Aurora Janel Highfill Janel.highfill@ccaurora.edu
Community College of Denver Marsha Mattingly marsha.mattingly@ccd.edu
Front Range Community College Carol Fiol carol.fiol@frontrange.edu
Lamar Community College Anne-Marie Crampton anne-marie.crampton@lamarcc.edu
Morgan Community College Suzanna Spears suzanna.spears@morgancc.edu
Northeastern Junior College Cyndi Hofmeister cyndi.hofmeister@njc.edu
Otero Junior College Audrey Dehdouh-Berg Audrey.Dehdouh-Berg@ojc.edu
Pikes Peak Community College Brenda Lauer brenda.lauer@ppcc.edu
Pueblo Community College Teri Erickson Teri.Erickson@pueblocc.edu
Red Rocks Community College Kristin Aslan kristin.aslan@rrcc.edu
Trinidad State Junior College Kerry Gabrielson kerry.gabrielson@trinidadstate.edu
Colorado Community Colleges Online Tina Parscal tina.parscal@cccs.edu