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Colorado’s Largest System of Higher Education

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) is made of up 13 unique colleges with over 40 locations across the state, educating 137,000 students every year.

Our mission is to provide an accessible, responsive learning environment where our students can achieve their educational, professional and personal goals in an atmosphere that embraces academic excellence, diversity and innovation.

We do this by focusing on the whole student, forming lasting relationships, creating education opportunities without barriers, and always looking for ways to expand the range of opportunities that are available to our students.

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System Initiatives

2015 -2025 Strategic Plan

In collaboration with stakeholders we created a strategic plan that will make Colorado community colleges unsurpassed at providing quality educational opportunities. Our goals include:

  • Student and CCCS workforce experience
  • Creating education without barriers
  • Focusing on accessibility, affordability, quality, accountability, resource development and operational excellence
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CCCS Economic Impact

Colorado Community College System colleges (CCCS colleges) create a significant positive impact on the business community and generate a return on investment to their major stakeholder groups—students, taxpayers, and society.

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