State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE)


The Colorado Community College System is governed by a nine-member State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE). The Board is unique in the nation, with responsibility for both secondary and post-secondary career and technical education and community college governance. Members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate for staggered four-year terms. One community college faculty member and one student representative serve in non-voting capacities for one year each.

Statutory Role and Mission

23-60-201 – “There is hereby established a state system of community and technical colleges which shall be under the management and jurisdiction of the state board for community colleges
and occupational education. The mission of the community colleges shall be to serve Colorado residents who reside in their service areas by offering a broad range of general, personal, vocational, and technical education programs. Each college shall be a two-year college. No college shall impose admission requirements upon any student. The objects of the community and technical colleges shall be to provide educational programs to fill the occupational needs of youth and adults in technical and vocational fields, two-year transfer educational programs to qualify students for admission to the junior year at other colleges and universities, basic skills, workforce development, and a broad range of personal and vocational education for adults.”

Vision Statement

In July, 2009 the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education met with the college presidents and senior staff and articulated a new vision statement for the community college system. Our vision is that Colorado community colleges are unsurpassed at providing quality educational opportunities for all who aspire to enrich their lives.

The words in this statement were chosen with considerable thought. The words “unsurpassed” and “enrich” were chosen to convey the notion that the community colleges currently do the best job of serving students with a wide range of goals, from attainment of degrees and certificates to tuning up job skills and personal enrichment. These words also express a vision for the future, as our community colleges continue to respond to a dynamic labor market, changing workforce needs, and demographic shifts in Colorado’s population. The Board also sought to encompass the varied constituencies served by community colleges, including high school students in dual enrollment programs, traditional college-age students, and adult learners of all ages.

The word “all” was chosen to convey our open access mission. For community colleges, excellence does not come from being overly selective and keeping students out. Excellence comes from letting students in and then providing them with the best learning environment to enable them to succeed. Our open access mission signifies this excellence.

The word “quality” was deliberately chosen to assure that the education we provide our students is top notch. We know that our students who transfer to other public colleges in Colorado do as well or better than students who start at those institutions. Our students deserve this quality education so that they can be successful in their lives.

Board Members

Richard E. Martinez Jr.

Chair 6th District, (Unaffiliated)
Photo of Richard E. Martinez Jr.
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Dr. Russ Meyer

Vice Chair 4th District, (D)
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Maury Dobbie

2nd District, (R)
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Jim Johnson

5th District, (R)
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Dr. Byron McClenney

2nd District (D)
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Theresa Peña

At-Large, (D)
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Dr. John Trefny

7th District, (Unaffiliated)
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Ken Weil

1st District, (D)
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Jean White

3rd District, (R)
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Robert Henderson

Non-Voting Board Member SFAC Representative
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Ed Miller

Non-Voting Board Member SSAC Representative
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 New Gubernatorial Appointee

Presley F. Askew

7th District, (R)
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