System Presidential Search

The State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE) is pleased to announce that the national search for a new president for the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) is underway. View position announcement. Dr. Nancy McCallin, who has served as System President since 2004, announced in June that she will retire effective July 31, 2018. Inquiries, nominations and applications are invited. To ensure full consideration, materials should be submitted by February 16, 2018.

About the Search

The Board has convened a search committee consisting of all Board members and student, faculty and staff representatives. The Board has charged the search committee to bring highly qualified candidates to the Board on consideration. The search committee is being guided in its work by Dr. John Trefny who formerly served as president for the Colorado School of Mines and chaired the SBCCOE. The Search committee conducted it’s first meeting on November 8, 2018. At this meeting the committee developed and adopted protocols for the search. The search committee’s agendas will be posted at SBCCOE SCHEDULE prior to the meeting.

Committee Members

Presley F. Askew
Dr. Linda Bowman
Candace Garrod
Rollie Heath
Dr. Byron McClenney
Richard E. Martinez Jr.
Dr. Russ Meyer
Jim Johnson

Kelly O’Dell
Theresa Peña
Leah Porter
Dr. John Trefny, Administrative Chair
Daniel Villanueva
Maria-Vittoria Carminati
Jean White
Ken Weil
Rachel Zinna

DHR International, a global executive search firm, is assisting the Board and search committee in conducting this national search. Inquiries and nominations are invited. Please direct search communication to consultants Jennifer Biehn & Monica Burton at

About Colorado Community College System

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) is the state’s largest system of higher education, serving more than 137,000 students annually at 13 colleges and 39 locations across Colorado. CCCS’s open access mission ensures that all Coloradans who aspire to enrich their lives have access to quality higher education opportunities. CCCS students save time and money with affordable tuition and fees, concurrent enrollment and guaranteed transfer to any public university in Colorado. Online courses are available via Colorado Community Colleges Online. CCCS also oversees career and technical programs in its 13 colleges, more than 160 school districts and 6 other post-secondary institutions. By partnering with business and industry, CCCS helps employers meet workforce needs and prepares students for direct entry to their chosen career pathway. The vast majority of CCCS students are Colorado residents and, after graduation, 97% of CCCS students stay in state becoming the workforce that powers the Colorado economy and the heart of its neighborhoods, businesses and communities.