A grant for $17.3 million for Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training was awarded to the Colorado Online Energy Training Consortium (COETC) by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Consortium is focused on enhancing current energy-related programs with the goal of training highly qualified workers for businesses that are seeking a skilled workforce.

The funds are being used for curricular redesign and technology to bridge the gap between existing workforce skills and emerging energy industry needs. The project facilitates partnerships among energy-related businesses, community colleges, and local workforce centers to train unemployed and under-employed workers with skills for placement in some of Colorado’s highest-paying and most in-demand jobs. In addition, workers who need assistance to succeed in college-level work benefit from a redesign of remedial education using nationally recognized best practices to help students enter and succeed in the fast-growing energy industry in Colorado.

Power Up Colorado is a website created to help explore career and education pathways to post-secondary attainment in the energy fields.

Projects Archives & Documentation

Project Overview

College Students Served by the Career Coach/Intrusive Advising Students Served in DE Redesign Unduplicated Headcount of Students Served in Redesigned Energy Program Energy
ACC 206 125 N/A N/A
Aims CC 206 125 85 Oil and Gas AAS, Oil and Gas Cert
CCA 206 125 N/A N/A
CCD 780 470 N/A N/A
CMC 206 125 48 Process technology, instrumentation in solar and oil and gas
CNCC 115 70 N/A N/A
FRCC 625 375 322 Electro-Mechanical and Energy Technology
LCC 115 70 N/A N/A
MCC 82 50 N/A N/A
NJC 115 70 74 Wind energy
OJC 115 70 N/A N/A
PCC 289 175 470 Mining and extractive technologies
PPCC 619 350 N/A N/A
RRCC 206 125 62 Water quality management
TSJC 115 70 115 Line Technician

Colleges and Contacts in the Consortium

Colorado Community College System
Name Title Contact Email
Bitsy Cohn Developmental Education Coordinator Bitsy.Cohn@cccs.edu720-858-2883
Elaine Baker Acceleration Specialist Elaine.baker@cccs.edu720-858-2841
Marilyn Smith Developmental Education Coordinator Marilyn.Smith@cccs.edu720-858-2328
Ian Burke Data Analyst ian.burke@cccs.edu720-858-2268
Brenda Perea Instructional Design Project Manager Brenda.Perea@cccs.edu720-858-2855
Mary Cornell Administrative Assistant Mary.Cornell@cccs.edu720-858-2867
Arapahoe Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Samuel DeVries Project Lead Samuel.DeVries@arapahoe.edu303-797-5073
Xochil Quijano Fiscal Xochil.Quijano@arapahoe.edu303-797-5949
Jocelyn Rivera Data Coordination Jocelyn.Rivera@arapahoe.edu303-797-5655
Aims Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Bruce Beardsley Project Lead Bruce.Beardsley@aims.edu970-339-6265
Rob Umbaugh Alternate Lead Rob.Umbaugh@aims.edu970-339-6237
Cindy Cook Fiscal Cindy.Cook@aims.edu970-339-6424
Jeanine Lewis Dev Ed Jeanine.Lewis@aims.edu970-339-6254
Eileen McGaughey Career Coach Eileen.McGaughey@aims.edu970-339-6508
Lee Ann Sappington Data Coordination LeeAnn.Sappington@aims.edu970-339-6223
Lani Sorenson Data Coordination Lani.Sorensen@aims.edu970-339-6449
Alice Courtney Instructional Design Alice.Courtney@aims.edu970-339-6411
Community College of Aurora
Name Title Contact Email
Mary Hajner Project Lead Mary.Hajner@ccaurora.edu303-360-4938
Ted Snow Alternate Project Lead Ted.Snow@ccaurora.edu303-360-4828
Mercy Abraham Fiscal Mercy.Abraham@ccaurora.edu303-360-4788
Rhonda Schuman Fiscal Rhonda.Schuman@ccaurora.edu303-361-7414
Amy Hughes Career Coach Amy.Hughes@ccaurora.edu303-360-4939
Mary Hajner Data Coordination Mary.Hajner@ccaurora.edu303-360-4938
Community College of Denver
Name Title Contact Email
Peter Lindstrom Project Lead Peter.Lindstrom@ccd.edu303-352-3250
Brian Dickson Alternate Project Lead Brian.Dickson@ccd.edu303-556-5006
Stephanie Woodruff Fiscal Stephanie.Woodruff@ccd.edu303-352-3001
Nancy Hunnicutt Career Coach Nancy.Hunnicutt@ccd.edu303-352-6944
Nicki Kravcisin Data Coordination Nicki.Kravcisin@ccd.edu303-352-3280
Colorado Mountain College
Name Title Contact Email
Rob Winn Project Lead RWinn@coloradomtn.edu970-625-1871
Renee Kuharski Alternate Lead & Fiscal RKuharski@coloradomtn.edu970-945-8691 x8346
Mary Axelson Dev Ed MAxelson@coloradomtn.edu970-945-7481 x8293
Chris Ellis Energy (Process Technology) CEllis@coloradomtn.edu970-625-1871
Colorado Northwestern Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Jeff Devere Project Lead Jeffrey.Devere@cncc.edu800-562-1105 x3341
Marty Estes Fiscal Marty.Estes@cncc.edu800-562-1105 x3209
Lisa Lefevre Fiscal Lisa.Lefevre@cncc.edu800-562-1105 x3222
Sheila Harper Dev Ed Sheila.Harper@cncc.edu800-562-1105 x1126
Front Range Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Jennifer Sheaman Project Lead Jennifer.Sheaman@frontrange.edu970-204-8152
Jennifer James Career Coach Jennifer.James@frontrange.edu970-204-8431
Jim Hutchinson Energy Instructional Design James.Hutchinson@frontrange.edu970-204-8423
Lamar Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Curtis Turner Project Lead & Dev Ed Curtis.Turner@lamarcc.edu 719-336-1519
Cheryl Sanchez Alternate Lead Cheryl.Sanchez@lamarcc.edu719-336-1516
Aubrie Humburg Fiscal Aubrie.Humburg@lamarcc.edu719-336-1571
Caitlin Schmidt Career Coach Caitlin.Schmidt@lamarcc.edu719-336-1521
Mary Lou Myers Data Coordination MaryLou.Myers@lamarcc.edu719-336-6644
Morgan Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Suzanna Spears Project Lead Suzanna.Spears@MorganCC.edu970-542-3180
Tracy Schneider Fiscal Tracy.Schneider@MorganCC.edu970-542-3125
Todd Schneider Dev Ed Todd.Schneider@MorganCC.edu970-542-3218
Katy Smith Career Coach Kathryn.Smith@MorganCC.edu970-542-3100
Barbara Cullop Data Coordination Barbara.Cullop@MorganCC.edu(970) 542-3176
Northeastern Junior College
Name Title Contact Email
Jason Hazlett Project Lead Jason.Hazlett@njc.edu970-521-6798
Stanton Gartin Alternate Lead Stanton.Gartin@njc.edu970-521-6650
Dev Ed
Diana Anderson Career Coach Diana.Anderson@njc.edu970-521-6685
Derek Herbert Data Coordination Derek.Herbert@njc.edu970-521-6714
Otero Junior College
Name Title Contact Email
David Cockrell Project Lead David.Cockrell@ojc.edu719-384-6886
Pat Malott Fiscal Pat.Malott@ojc.edu719-384-6823
Alli Hall Career Coach Allison.Hall@ojc.edu719-384-3931
Pueblo Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Amanda Corum Project Lead Amanda.Corum@pueblocc.edu719-549-3163
Linda Tremblay Alternate Lead Linda.Tremblay@pueblocc.edu719-549-3244
Gayle Pettinari Fiscal Gayle.Pettinari@pueblocc.edu719-549-3329
Chip Nava Dev Ed Chip.Nava@pueblocc.edu719-549-3259
Luis Nazario Dev Ed Luis.Nazario@pueblocc.edu719-549-3406
Nancy Zimmer Career Coach Nancy.Zimmer@pueblocc.edu719-549-3335
George Rael Career Coach George.Rael@pueblocc.edu719-549-3334
Ron Madrid Energy Instructional Design Ron.Madrid@puebloCC.edu719-568-0982
Pikes Peak Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Tammye Pirie Project Lead Tammye.Pirie@ppcc.edu719-502-3186
Lindsey Small Dev Ed Lindsey.Small@ppcc.edu719-502-3514
Danen Jobe Dev Ed Danen.Jobe@ppcc.edu719-502-3476
Joy Zincone Career Coach Joy.Zincone@ppcc.edu719-502-2351
Red Rocks Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Pam Packer Project Lead Pamela.Packer@rrcc.edu303-914-6753
Jennifer Austin Fiscal Jennifer.Austin@RRCC.edu303-914-6225
Rick Reeves Dev Ed-Math Rick.Reeves@rrcc.edu303-914-6400
Mike Coste Dev Ed-CCR Mike.Coste@rrcc.edu303-914-6636
Laura Aycock Career Coach Laura.Aycock@rrcc.edu303-914-6291
Mike Smith Energy (Water Quality Management) Mike.Smith@rrcc.edu303-914-6325
Donna Welschmeyer Instructional Design Donna.Welschmeyer@rrcc.edu303-914-6754
Carma Leichty Contract Instructional Designer Carma@OnwardStudios.com970-380-7664
Trinidad State Junior College
Name Title Contact Email
Trudie Gilmore Project Lead Trudie.Gilmore@trinidadstate.edu719-846-5697
Lynette Bates Alternate Lead Lynette.Bates@trinidadstate.edu719-846-5559
Juanita Pena Fiscal Juanita.Pena@trinidadstate.edu719-846-5537
Debbie Ulibarri Dev Ed Debbi.Ulibarri@trinidadstate.edu719-846-5589
Dan Wilson Career Coach Daniel.Wilson@trinidadstate.edu719-846-5567
Lynette Bates Energy (Line Technician) Lynette.Bates@trinidadstate.edu719-846-5559
Charlene Duran Data Coordination Charlene.Duran@trinidadstate.edu719-846-5517
Shari Schroepfer Energy Instructional design Shari.Schroepfer@trinidadstate.edu719-846-5516

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