Faculty Leave Transfer

SP 3-60d

EFFECTIVE: December 1, 2011

REFERENCE: Board Policy on Employee Benefits, BP 3-60


/ Nancy J. McCallin /
Nancy J. McCallin, Ph.D.
System President


To establish a means to voluntarily transfer sick leave designated as leave for personal reasons to a qualifying faculty member (as defined in BP 3-10) experiencing a catastrophic medical hardship. This program provides some income protection when the faculty member would be absent from work for a prolonged period of time and has exhausted all sick leave. It is not intended to cover cases of abusive leave usage.


This transfer program is intended for faculty members with a minimum of one year of service to cover catastrophic illness or injury, such as cancer, major surgery, serious accident, heart attack, etc., that poses a threat to the faculty member’s life and requires inpatient, hospice or resident health care.

The applicant must have exhausted all sick leave (as permitted under BP 3-60) before applying for transferred leave.

Application must be made on the appropriate form provided by the Human Resources Office. The application must be approved by the requesting faculty member’s supervisor prior to submission. The college president must give final approval to the application.

Approval or disapproval will be based on the merits of each individual case and the following guidelines:

  • Application can be made only for personal use.
  • Applicants must have one year of service before applying for use of transferred leave.
  • Applicants must have exhausted all sick leave (as permitted under BP 3-60).
  • Requests must be made for reasons listed under the purpose of the program.

Normal pregnancy, common illness, coverage by Worker’s Compensation, or PERA disability are excluded.

  • Application does not constitute automatic approval of the request.
  • If approved, the granted leave is meant to cover only the duration of the illness/injury for which it was collected.
  • Performance, length of service, and leave usage patterns may be considered in the decision to grant or deny the application.
  • All or a portion of the time requested may be granted.
  • The decision to approve or deny the application is final and not subject to grievance or appeal.
  • In cases where the situation ceases to exist or the faculty member terminates or retires, any unused portion of the collected leave will be refunded to donors.
  • Awarded time may be applied retroactively to the beginning of the leave-withoutpay period for the illness/injury for which it was granted.
  • Board Policy rules and procedures which apply to paid leave apply to use of awarded time except that it is not part of the final pay-out for retirement or termination.


Contributions must be made by faculty members at the applicant’s college from accrued sick leave designated as leave for personal reasons and is credited to the recipient on an hour-for-hour basis. A minimum donation of two hours of accrued sick leave designated as leave for personal reasons is required. (The faculty member is encouraged to keep some balance for his/her own use). The maximum donation from an employee to an individual faculty member is 8 hours.

Contributions are voluntary and confidential.

Contributions will no longer be accepted when the amount needed has been received. When more contributions are available than needed, donors will receive a proportionate refund (number of extra hours/number of donors).


  1. Applications must be made in writing on the appropriate form (see page 3).
  2. Supporting documents to accompany the application may include records of performance and leave usage, because performance, leave usage patterns, and length of service may be considered in the decision. Letters of support may also be included.



Application For Use Of Transferred Leave

Part I – To be completed by the faculty member (please type or print legibly in ink).

Name________________________________ Employee S# ________________________________________

Home Address/City/Zip_____________________________________________________________________

Home Telephone_______________________________ Work Unit __________________________________

Job Title _____________________________________ Full Time ______ Part Time _____ % Appt______

I hereby certify that I understand, agree to, and meet the requirements and conditions of the leave transfer program. I also hereby authorize the College President or his/her designee to obtain any necessary information concerning this application. I understand that denial of this application is not subject to grievance or appeal.

Signature of Employee_____________________________________ Date___________________________

Part II – To be completed by Human Resources.

Date Benefit Eligible Employment began ______________________ Monthly Salary _________________

Has employee requested/applied for: Worker’s Comp ____ FMLA_____ LTD_____ PERA Disability______

Is Medical Certification verifying catastrophic illness on file? Yes _____ No_____

Date illness/injury began _______________________ Anticipated duration ____________________________

Date all sick leave will be/was exhausted ________________ Number of days needed ___________________

Signature of Human Resources__________________________________ Date________________________

Part III – To be completed by Supervisor/President.

Authorization to request donated leave is:

Approved Denied Signature of Supervisor_____________________________ Date_________________

Approved Denied Signature of President______________________________ Date_________________



Leave Contribution Record

Please type or print legibly in ink.

Name______________________________ _____________________________ Employee S#______________
(first) (last)
Full Time ___ Part Time ___ % Appt ____ Job Title_______________________________________________

Work Unit_____________________________ Work Phone _________________________________________

Work Address_______________________________________________________________________________

Number of hours donated ______________ To (Employee/Case #): _____________________________________

I understand that my contribution is voluntary and that my balance of sick leave designated as leave for personal reasons will be decreased by the amount contributed. I certify that my contribution will not result in a negative leave balance. I understand that my contribution is confidential.

____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
(Signature)                                                                                                  (Date)


For College/HR Use:
The above named employee’s leave balance has been reduced by ______________ hours of sick leave designated as leave for personal reasons.
_____________________________________________________ _________________________________
(Authorized College/HR Signature) (Date)