Post-retirement Employment Procedure

SP 3-60c

EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2002

REFERENCE: Board Policy BP 3-60


/ Joe D. May /
S/ Joe D. May
System President


This procedure applies to Regular Faculty, Contract Professional Staff, Technical and Professional Educational Staff, and college and central System Staff Administrators.


The employee must meet the regular or reduced retirement requirements of the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA). The effective date of the employee’s retirement must be no later than the end of the employee’s then-current contract.


Employees interested in post-retirement employment must submit a letter to the college Office of Human Resources (for college employees) or the System Office of Human Resources (for System employees) no later than 45 days before the end of their current contract. The letter shall state the employee’s requested term of employment and the employee’s requested program area assignment or position. Only requests for employment within one year of the employee’s date of retirement and that commence no earlier than thirty days from the date of the employee’s retirement will be considered.

The Director of Human Resources will confer with the employee’s supervisors regarding the employee’s interest in post-retirement employment. After reviewing the needs of the instructional program and/or institutional needs and the funding available during the employee’s requested term of post-retirement employment, the college or System Director of Human Resources and the employee’s supervisors will make a recommendation to the President. If the recommendation is for approval of the employee’s request, the recommendation will state the program area assignment or the position the employee will fill, the term of the employment, and the level of compensation. The President’s decision will be final.

If the President approves a request for post-retirement employment, the Director of Human Resources will meet with the employee to execute a post-retirement employment agreement. The agreement shall state the term of employment, the employee’s work assignment, and the level of compensation.

No state funds may be used to purchase service credits for current employees.