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This page is meant to serve as a repository for resources and website links to help consortium colleges in meeting specific requirements of the CHAMP grant. The information contained on this page, either in the attached files or information contained in the links, are in no way prescriptive. CCCS and the COETC consortium cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the content and are not responsible for the content contained in the files or links, but offer the files and links as resources to the consortium colleges to evaluate the usefulness for grant work.

Understanding Creative Commons Attribution- Explanation of the creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license requirement for U.S. DOL TAACCCT program grantees.
Preparing for an On-Site Audit- Core Monitoring Guide Flowchart from CHEO 
CHAMP_Quarterly_Report (word processing download)
Navigator_Monthly_Activity_Report (word processing download)
Navigator Individual Information Tracker V6 Final (spreadsheet download)