Fall 2012 COETC Conference

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Project Director Welcome and Team Updates N/A
Developmental Education Sessions
Learning Communities. Shawna Van and Matt Stilwell, FRCC
Math Pathways. Linda Sue Hoops, CCD
Integrated Curriculum. Ashley Moorshead, CCA
Creating Additional Student Supports, CCD FastStart. Lisa Silverstein, CCD
Contextualized Developmental Math for MAT 108. Jeanine Lewis and Jon Schiltz, Aims Community College
Energy Program Sessions
Energy program highlights year one N/A
Mobile Learning Labs: How PCC is using this technology. John Vukich, PCC N/A
Instructional Design: Creating OPEN resources. Donna Welschmeyer, RRCC N/A
Hybrid Learning or The Flipped Classroom. Kae Novak, FRCC N/A
How to design compressed scheduling for on-site training. Eva Tapia, MSN, RN, PCC N/A
Workforce Partnerships Panel. Eileen McGaughey, Aims Community College; Jennifer Sheaman, FRCC; Terry Eyl, Larimer County Workforce Center N/A
Career Coach Sessions facilitated by Bitsy Cohn, CCCS Developmental Education Coordinator N/A
Data Collection & Case Tracking Session facilitated by Matthew Rysavy, CCCS Data Analyst Assistant; Heather McKay and Suzanne Michael, Rutgers University N/A

Mathematica Policy Research- Convening August 7 and 8, 2012

Welcome and Overview. By Nan Maxwell
Surveys of Students, Graduates, and Employers. By David DesRoches
Constructing Credible Comparison and Treatment Groups. By Albert Yung-Hsu Liu
Using Wage Records for TAACCCT Reporting and Evaluation. By Dan Shapiro
General Principals for Creating Comparison Groups. By Russell Cole
Proposed Common Performance Measures. By Ann Person
Dealing with Variation in Treatment. By Shanna Smith Jaggars
Debrief and Day 2 Introduction. By Nan Maxwell

Contextualization Workshop materials- May 17, 2012

Agenda Contextualization Module Design Workshop May 17 2012
Contextualized Learning Module Design Workshop
Contextualized Module Design Template
Contextualized Modules Team Planning Sheet
Cross-Syllabus Worksheet
Design Process Visual
Exit Ticket

TAA Resources

TAA project overview
Why Universal Design? August 26, 2011.
Facilitator: Donna Hall, CCCOnline Instructional Design Team Coordinator.
Elluminate recording requires Java Web Start or Java SE installation.
Colorado Workforce Centers Overview 06-12-12
TAACCCT Career Coaches

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