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Quarterly Reports-Narrative

Date Report Download
November 2015 Quarter Ending September 30, 2015
August 2015 Quarter Ending June 30, 2014
May 2015 Quarter Ending March 31, 2015
February 13, 2015 Quarter Ending December 31, 2014
December 2014 Quarter Ending September 30, 2014
August 2014 Quarter Ending June 30, 2014
May 2014 Quarter Ending March 31, 2014
February 13, 2014 Quarter Ending December 31, 2013
December 2013 Quarter Ending October 31, 2013
August 2013 Quarter Ending June 30, 2013
May 6, 2013 Quarter Ending March 31, 2013
February 13, 2013 Quarter Ending December 31, 2012
November, 2012 Quarter Ending September 30, 2012
August 1, 2012 Quarter Ending June 2012
May 1, 2012 Quarter Ending March 2012
February 1, 2012 Quarter Ending December 2011

DOL Annual Reports

Date Report Download
September 2015 Annual Performance Report- Year 4
September 2014 Annual Performance Report- Year 3
September 2013 Annual Performance Report- Year 2
September 2012 Annual Performance Report- Year 1


Observations and Suggestions

Date Report Download/Link
July 2013 Integrated Report End of Year One -Colorado Online Energy Training Consortium
April 2012 Observations and Suggestions Quarterly Report April 2012
July 2012 Observations and Suggestions Quarterly Report July 2012
July 2012 Analysis Summary Quarterly Report July 2012

Energy Reports

Date Report Download/Link
November 2014 Colorado Online Energy Training Consortium Interim Report

Developmental Education Redesign Reports

Date Report Download/Link
November 2015 Developmental Education Report for SBCCOE
2015 Executive Summary from the Rutgers University Developmental Education Evaluation
2015 DevEd Qualitative Report FINAL Rutgers
2015 DevEd Quantitative Report Final Rutgers
2015 DevEd Subject Matter Expert Reviewer Report Final Rutgers
March 2015 Developmental Education Redesign Report

Redesigned Course Outcome Reports

Date Report Download/Link
November 2013 Redesigned Course Outcomes Year 1 COETC
November 2013 Redesigned Course Outcome Report presentation

Career Coach Case Reports

Date Report Download/Link
February 2014 TAACCCT Career Coach Findings and Observations
July 2013 Career Coach Caseload Analysis COETC Year 1
May 2013 Career Coach Caseload Analysis
Updated September 2013 Career Coach Caseload Analysis – Supplemental Tables

Final Case Study Reports

Date Report Download/Link
January 2014 Arapahoe Community College
January 2014 Aims Community College
January 2014 Community College of Aurora
January 2014 Community College of Denver
January 2014 Colorado Mountain College
January 2014 Colorado Northwestern Community College
January 2014 Front Range Community College
January 2014 Lamar Community College
January 2014 Morgan Community College
January 2014 Northeastern Junior College
January 2014 Otero Junior College
January 2014 Pueblo Community College
January 2014 Pikes Peak Community College
January 2014 Red Rocks Community College
January 2014 Trinidad State Junior College

COETC Playbook

Date Report Download/Link
May 2014 Playbook-Courses, certificates and Degrees-Colorado Online Energy Training Consortium
September 2015 OER for Courses, certificates and Degrees-Colorado Online Energy Training Consortium

    Grant SGA (PDF download)
    COETC SOW_Technical_Proposal (PDF download)
    Amendment One (PDF download)
    Amendment Two (PDF download)
    Amendment Three (PDF download)
    Award Letter (View in Slideshare)
    Technical Proposal (PDF download)
    Front Range Community College Revision (PDF download)
    Pueblo Community College Revision (PDF download)

      Welcome and Overview. By Nan Maxwell
      Surveys of Students, Graduates, and Employers. By David DesRoches
      Constructing Credible Comparison and Treatment Groups. By Albert Yung-Hsu Liu
      Using Wage Records for TAACCCT Reporting and Evaluation. By Dan Shapiro
      General Principals for Creating Comparison Groups. By Russell Cole
      Proposed Common Performance Measures. By Ann Person
      Dealing with Variation in Treatment. By Shanna Smith Jaggars
      Debrief and Day 2 Introduction. By Nan Maxwell

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