SSAC Representative
Non-voting Member
Term Expires: 06/30/2020

There is someone out there right now, looking for an outlet, dying to speak up, but they often go unheard. There are over 137,000 students in the Colorado Community College System, and I hope to represent the students who may believe their voice has no power. I stand with the minority community and I vow to be the vessel that is their representation and the microphone that is their voice.


Emanuel Walker is currently a student at the Community College of Denver (CCD), pursuing an associate of applied science degree in computer information systems. In the future, he plans to complete a master’s degree in cybersecurity. Emanuel came to the United States as a refugee from Liberia in 2004. After graduating, he hopes to return to Liberia where he can create technological solutions to everyday problems in local communities and beyond.

At CCD, Emanuel is part of the Tri-I African Students Union Club and Urban Male Initiative, an organization that helps young males of color succeed in school by any means. When he isn’t participating in those two activities, Emanuel helps run CCD's National Society of Leadership and Success Chapter. He also advocates for an organization in Ghana, run by his father, that provides much-needed school supplies, clothing and tuition for children in the villages there.

Emanuel is currently working on a novel titled, "The Liberian Dream,” which depicts what it was like trying to survive with his mother during wartime in Liberia. In his free time, Emanuel is passionate about reading, writing, swimming, and fishing.

The State Student Advisory Council (SSAC) is comprised of students elected by each of the established student governments from across the Colorado Community College System (CCCS). SSAC is charged with advising the State Board of Community Colleges and Occupational Education on matters of interest and concern to all CCCS students.