Holiday Schedule

As provided by State statute, all system and campus offices must remain open during normal working days, unless expressly authorized by action of the President of the United States, the Governor of Colorado, or the System President.  The State of Colorado recognizes 10 holidays each year. The CCCS utilizes 4 of those holidays as alternate holidays during the month of December. The holiday schedules below reflect the days in which CCCS system and campus offices are scheduled to be closed.

2016 Holiday Schedule

January 1, Friday New Year’s Day
May 30, Monday Memorial Day
July 4, Monday Independence Day Holiday
September 5, Monday Labor Day
November 24, Thursday Thanksgiving
December 26, Monday Christmas Holiday
December 27, Tuesday Columbus Day (alternate)
December 28, Wednesday Veterans’ Day (alternate)
December 29, Thursday MLK, Jr. Day (alternate)
December 30, Friday Presidents’ Day (alternate)

2017 Holiday Schedule

January 2, Monday New Year’s Day
May 29, Monday Memorial Day
July 4, Tuesday Independence Day
September 4, Monday Labor Day
November 23, Thursday Thanksgiving
December 25, Monday Christmas Holiday
December 26, Tuesday Columbus Day (alternate)
December 27, Wednesday Veterans’ Day (alternate)
December 28, Thursday MLK, Jr. Day (alternate)
December 29, Friday Presidents’ Day (alternate)

2018 Holiday Schedule

January 1, Monday New Year’s Day
May 28, Monday Memorial Day
July 4, Wednesday Independence Day
September 3, Monday Labor Day
November 22, Thursday Thanksgiving
December 25, Tuesday Christmas Holiday
December 26, Wednesday Columbus Day (alternate)
December 27, Thursday Veterans’ Day (alternate)
December 28, Friday MLK, Jr. Day (alternate)
December 31, Monday Presidents’ Day (alternate)