Developmental Education Task Force

The Developmental Education Task Force (DETF) was charged to review developmental education practices throughout the CCCS and make recommendations on what steps the system would take to become the premier purveyor of developmental education in more streamlined and efficient ways, resulting in greater student success. In 2013, we released a publication illustrating our current Developmental Education Redesign strategy.

Through data and research in structure and policy, the DETF holistically examined the role that developmental education plays in overall student success. The DETF successfully completed the following tasks:

  1. Reviewed and clarified the purpose of developmental education and analyzed implications for policy and practice resulting from a clarified purpose.
  2. Reviewed current system policies and practices related to developmental education and proposed revisions to promote greater student success in alignment with sound academic principles and practice.
  3. Investigated and analyzed measures of success, data reports and studies on success of developmental education students.
  4. Examined structures for developmental education, highlighting innovative and successful strategies, improving the student experience and identifying barriers to success.
  5. On the basis of a comprehensive review, recommended broad strategies and specific initiatives related to developmental education that Colorado’s Community College System Colleges should pursue, leading to enhanced outcomes for student learning and success.

CCCS President Dr. Nancy McCallin Speaks About the Developmental Education Task Force