Colorado Success UNlimited

Welcome to the Colorado Success UNlimited (Colorado SUN) initiative. This web page offers access to information about successful strategies employed in the SUN initiative from 2007 to 2010 as well as tools to help bridge out-of-school and academically under-prepared students into college and certificate and degree programs.

The Colorado SUN initiative, funded by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (DOE), was a college prep program designed to move GED graduates and adult learners forward, reduce remedial training, and build confident, successful students who are ready for college and careers. We encourage – and hope – you will share this information with friends, colleagues, students, partners, and stakeholders.

Colorado SUN college transition strategies

  • College Connection skill enhancement programs – developmental education curriculum in an intensive format for academically under-prepared students transitioning into community college
  • Navigators – on-going transition support, case management, and career exploration assistance
  • Enhanced Critical Thinking Strategies – college-level coursework and career preparation
  • Professional Development – capacity-building for implementation of transition strategies at adult secondary education (ASE) centers and community colleges
  • Evaluation – measurement of increased enrollment, college readiness and persistence; documentation of improved instruction and management practices
  • Statewide Leadership Team – awareness-building and support for increased communication, policy, and funding opportunities

implemenation-guide PDF download

College Connection
Intensive Transition Program
Implementation Guide

Navigator-Manual PDF download

College Connection
Intensive Transition Program
Navigator Manual



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