College and Career Navigation Initiative (CCNI)

Welcome to the College and Career Navigation Initiative (CCNI) site. This web page offers access to information about successful strategies employed in the initiative from 2010 to 2012 as well as tools to transition workforce center clients and out-of-school and academically under-prepared students into career pathways and certificate and degree programs.

With central goals of aligning workforce, adult basic education, and career & technical education resources, and expanding the number of clients in their successful entry into college, CCNI focused on two central strategies:

  • Co-located College and Career Navigators – provided direct services at both the community college/adult education center and workforce center with a focus on outreach; counseling students and workforce clients on career pathways in career and technical education; and fostering educational success through intensive, one-on-one college transition support
  • Relationship-building and resource sharing between the community college and workforce center

CCNI Reference Guide (PDF Download)

College and Career Navigator Reference Guide