Colorado Policy, Analytics, & Learning at Scale (CO-PALS)

Colorado Policy, Analytics and Learning at ScalePartnering with Colorado State University Global Campus, the Colorado Community College System is developing strategies help students reach beyond their current associate’s degree path and open doors to experience more than they thought possible. The CO-PALs program provides a convenient and affordable pathway for at-risk adult students to complete their baccalaureate degrees by transferring to Colorado State University Global Campus with planning and support through preparation of individual career and academic plans (ICAPs), intensive services provided by career and college navigators, and degree program tracking.  CO-PALS Overview (PDF)


College Contact Role Email
Arapahoe Community College Shari Culver Navigator
Arapahoe Community College Wendy Winter-Searcy Site Coordinator
Community College of Aurora Lauren Stroud Navigator
Community College of Aurora Barbara Lindsay Site Coordinator
Lamar Community College Sharon Grasmick Navigator
Lamar Community College Cheryl Sanchez Site Coordinator
Trinidad State Junior College Tori Eckes Navigator
Trinidad State Junior College Kerry Gabrielson Site Coordinator


Transfer Success Program (Page 6) (PDF)


Do you have students who are interested in transferring their associate degree to a four-year university program, but need additional assistance in the process? If so, please consider referring them to our new, year-long Transfer Success Program.

LCC & CSU-Global unite to increase Bachelor Degree options

In an ongoing effort to bring quality continuing education options to Lamar and the surrounding area, Lamar Community College (LCC), in cooperation with the Colorado Community College System and CSU-Global, is excited to announce the on campus presence of a CO-Pals Navigator.