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Lowry Campus Facilities Policies

The Lowry Facilities department encompasses Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance, and Security. Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable environment to facilitate academic excellence and a pleasant work environment.

Service Requests

  • To submit service requests log onto the portal, click on the “employee” tab, click on submit a facilities work request.
  • Non system employees e-mail Tricia.Wilson@cccs.edu.
  • For urgent or emergency work requests contact the Facilities department at 303-595-1537; if you fail to reach someone at that number please call Security at 303-419-5557 or ext. 1558.

Custodial Work Unit

  • The custodial personnel strive to provide a clean and sanitary learning and work environment for everyone at the Lowry Campus.
  • A list of tasks and frequency that the custodial staff performs is attached to this document or is available upon request.
  • If additional services are required, please submit your request through the work order system. These services will be considered, prioritized and scheduled when the work order is received.

Grounds Work Unit

  • The grounds personnel strive to provide safe, well maintained, and clean campus.
  • Along with maintaining the streets, sidewalks, and turf; they are also responsible for snow removal and office moves.
  • Please submit your requests for moves, meeting set-ups or additional services through our work order system.  Once the work order is received, your request will be reviewed, given consideration, prioritized and scheduled for completion.  Please request assistance with moves and meeting set ups at least a week in advance.
  • The facilities department will not take responsibility for personal items or IT and phone equipment during a move or remodel, please pack and remove personal items and coordinate with IT for computer equipment.

Security Work Unit

  • The security officers strive to provide a safe and secure campus.
  • If you notice a dangerous situation, please contact security at their 24-hour cell phone number: 303-419-5557 or ext. 1558.
  • If you have concerns, questions, or feedback regarding security issues, please contact Tom Wolf, Security Director, at 720-858-2733.
  • Security is available for night escorts, jump starts, opening doors, and lost and found.

Maintenance Work Unit

  • The building maintenance personnel strive to provide a safe and comfortable learning and work environment for everyone at the Lowry Campus.
  •  Submit work orders via the work order system. Once the work order is received, they are prioritized by the facilities staff in the following order:
    • Emergency – a situation that is dangerous or unsanitary.
      • Such as a broken water or sewer line, broken window or glass, or exposed wiring.
      • Situation will be addressed immediately, usually within two hours.
    • Urgent – a situation that if not addressed soon could result in further damage, a safety issue, an unsanitary situation, or discomfort.
      • Such as one toilet running or backed up (not leaking on floor), multiple lights not working, office too hot or cold.
      • Request will be prioritized, assessed, and addressed within one to three days.
    • Routine–a request for noncritical repair or new work.
      • Such as a single light out, hanging a picture or white board, or scheduled work.
      • Request will be prioritized, assessed, and addressed within one to two weeks.
    • Once a work order is submitted, it is prioritized, then issued to a technician, and usually addressed the same day. Often we have to purchase or order parts; our goal is to keep everyone informed throughout the entire process.
  • Requests for remodeling will be directed to the Facilities Director for consideration. There are too many factors to list that will be taken into consideration to determine if a project will be approved.
    • If the project is approved the Facilities Director will manage the project to ensure purchasing rules and code requirements are followed; as well as to ensure all work is completed to a high level of quality.
    • The facilities department has chosen one color for the entire campus. All interior walls will be painted with the approved paint.
    • Paint should last 8 to 10 years in a commercial facility, therefore, the facilities department will only touchup paint that is newer than 8 years. The facilities department will determine if new paint is warranted between 8 and 10 years, after 10 years a building will be scheduled by age, condition, and other pertinent factors.

General Facilities Policies

  • All buildings are smoke free. Smoking is not permitted in any facility or within 20 feet of entrances.
  • Burning candles or incense of any kind is a fire hazard and is not permitted in any facility.
  • Employees and tenants are not allowed to paint their office, hang any pictures, posters, plaques, etc. themselves; please submit a work request.
  • Full time employees are allowed to personalize their office in a professional manner; excessive hanging of personal and professional items will not be approved.
  • Follow posted traffic signs and laws (i.e. come to a full and complete stop at all stop signs and adhere to posted speed limits).

Facility Hours and Access

  • Employees needing access prior to or after normal business hours will need to contact Security at 303-419-5557 or ext. 1558.
  • If you plan to be in the building during a weekend, you must call Security to inform them of your presence in the building.
  • Employees who work before or after hours and/or on weekends must have a picture ID card with them at all times.
  • In the event that you will be hosting an official function after normal working hours, Tom Wolf, Security Director (720-858-2733) must be notified to make arrangements for visitor access.
  • Under no circumstance may doors be propped open to provide building access to guests. If you are hosting an after-hours event, either you, your staff or a security officer must man the door, making certain it is closed and locked after all guests have arrived and again after they have left the building.
  • This procedure applies to all CCCS buildings.

Keys and Key Cards

  • Policy – A comprehensive key allocation policy is available from the Facilities Department for the entire Lowry Campus.
  • Issuance – Keys will normally be issued by CCCS HR at the start of employment.
  • Key card and key loss procedure – It is imperative that you contact Daniel Baniszewskiat 303-595-1638 immediately upon loss of a key card so your access code can be cancelled to protect the security of the building. Likewise, please contact Daniel if you loose your office key.
  • Turning in keys and key cards – At termination of employment, keys and key cards must be personally turned in to the Human Resource Office at the time of your exit interview, prior to your final departure.

Emergency Procedures

  • Medical Emergency:
    • Dial 9-911 and ask for the Fire Department and an ambulance.
    • Give the operator the building name, address, floor and exact location as well as any details available about the emergency.
    • Then call Lowry Security at 303-419-5557 or ext. 1558.
  • Fire:
    • If alarm has already been activated, proceed to corridor/staging area by the nearest stairwell and calmly exit the building.
    • If alarm has not been activated, pull a manual alarm.
    • Leave your area, closing the door behind you. Make sure the door is unlocked.
    • Follow evacuation plan posted in the lobby.
  • Bomb Threat:
    • Stay calm and take the call seriously.
    • Write down the exact words of the caller’s message. Asking questions of the caller can assist the police (i.e. When will it go off? Where is it located? What type of bomb is it?)
  • Tornado Warning:
    • Move away from perimeters and exterior glass.
    • Go to a main corridor or stairwell – not under the clerestory.
    • Sit down with your head as close to your lap as possible with your hands over your head providing protection.
    • Listen to a radio or television for further information.
    • Note: the Lowry Campus buildings that were formerly occupied by the Air Force were built to withstand military attack.
  • All Other Emergencies:
    • In case of all other emergencies not covered above, contact Lowry Security at 303-419- 5557 or ext. 1558and/or police, depending on the nature of the emergency.
    • Also advise your supervisor or a member of senior staff.

Lowry Campus Security

Lowry Campus Work Order Requests

Work order requests should be submitted through the Facilities Work Order system.

  • CCCS Lowry Campus Work Order System
    This site can only be accessed through the CCCS Intranet, which is restricted to faculty, staff, and students. To view the intranet site, valid users must connect from within the internal network or remotely.

Lowry Campus Work Order System Tutorial

The new automated CCCS Lowry automated work order system can be found by following the link above or visiting us on the CCCS Connect portal.

The Menu Screen
Upon clicking on the above link you will be directed to the Work Request System where you will be able to place your work order requests. Please click on the CCCS Lowry Facilities Link.

Work Request System Instructions -Click on the CCCS Lowry Facilities Link.
The Log-in Screen
The next screen is your log-in screen. You will need to enter your network log-in password – which is your first initial and last name NOT your S Number log-in.

Work Request System Log In Screen-  Enter your network log-in password – which is your first initial and last name NOT your S Number log-in.
The Welcome Screen
Once you have arrived at the welcome screen please select New Work Order.

Work Request System Welcome Screen - select New Work Order.

Work Order Entry Screen
Now you are ready to enter the information to move forward with your work order request. All items in RED are required fields and the program will not allow you to proceed without information being populated in these fields. Upon log-in your contact information will be populated in the Contact Information fields.

Work Request System - Entry Screen Now you are ready to enter the information to move forward with your work order request.For a Symptom a drop down box will appear please select the item that most closely resembles your issue. If needed, it will be reclassified by Facilities staff to better ensure that the proper results are being tracked. This is a guideline only, it shouldn’t cause brain damage – if you aren’t sure please select other.

For Urgency – you can select Routine and Urgent. Should you have an emergency please contact Security at ext 1558 or 303-419-5557 or 911.

The comments section is a required field and you should provide as much detail as possible. For example; if you want furniture moved to a specific location or you want a whiteboard hung but will only be in your office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and would like it hung when you are there.

The attachments section is if you have a file you would like to attach such as a special floor plan for a meeting you are scheduling for the President’s Conference or a picture of damage that has occurred in the building. Please refrain from including pictures of your kids, dogs and vacation to the Grand Canyon.

Once you have completed your request please click on the save button at the bottom of the page.

Work Request System Completion - Be sure to save

You will then receive an e-mail confirmation of your work order submission. Once it is received by Facilities it will be assigned to the designated department and the work will be scheduled based on priority. You should receive e-mail communication if there are any changes to your work order such as waiting on parts, scheduling and confirmation that the work has been done and the work order has been closed out.

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