Frequently Asked Questions

CCCS-IT provides enterprise-wide systems and support including BANNER and Wide Area Network support for the 13 Community Colleges in the Colorado Community College System, the CCC Online group and the CCCS System Offices, serving over 165,000 students and their administration and faculty.

FAQ – CCCS Help Desk

What is a Portal?

A portal is a one-stop shop where we put as many useful resources as possible for active students, faculty and staff so you do not have to search across the school web site to meet your needs.  Our portal is set up at each school to provide tabs for Student records needs, Finance, Faculty, Advisor and general school information needs according to your role at the school.  When you become a student, faculty or staff member at any of our schools you will be assigned a portal user ID and password.  Each school has a portal access point on its web site, and its own portal name for that school:

College Portal name
Arapahoe Community College myACC
Community College of Aurora myCCA
Colorado Community Colleges Online MYCCCOnline
Colorado Community College System CCCSConnect
Community College of Denver CCDConnect
Colorado Northwestern Community College Crossroads
Front Range Community College The Wolf
Lamar Community College The Lope

College Portal name
Morgan Community College MyMCC
Northeastern Junior College AccessNJC
Otero Junior College MYOJC
Pueblo Community College MyPCC
Pikes Peak Community College MyPPCC
Red Rocks Community College The Rock
Trinidad State Junior College Go2TSJC

Who can reset my password?

System Who to Contact
Network – To log on to the computer or web mail Campus IT
Cognos – This uses the local Network password Campus IT
Banner INB – Administrative Internet Native Banner CCCS IT
Banner SSB – Personal Self-Service Banner

-Current employees and students
-Past employees and students

Access the Portal
Portal – The one-stop shop for your school records. 24×7 Support, Campus IT
School Administrative Email ( such as – uses the Network password Campus IT
D2L 24×7 Support
Student Email ( 24×7 Support
Procurement Card- PCard allocation is done in Banner INB CCCS IT

First-Tier, Second-Tier, Third-Tier?

First Tier support is the type of support that can be done easily on initial contact with a person needing help – password resets and quick answers to easy questions.

Second Tier support is the level at which a person with basic knowledge and IT skills is not able to resolve the problem so it needs to be passed to a person with more specific background, training and expertise.

Third Tier support is the level at which a specially trained IT support person is unable to resolve a problem and requests assistance from a deep knowledge expert in the area.

How do I archive my email?

On the first day of the first month following your hire at a CCCS member institution, your mail program should automatically populate 18-month, 3-year, and 5-year archive folders below your Inbox.  To preserve items for each of these time frames, simply drag and drop the mail item into the appropriate folder for the maximum amount of time you would like to keep the item.  If you wish to keep an item for five years, you do not have to copy it into each of the archive folders, only into the 5-year archive, and it will not be deleted until the first day of the fifth year after you move the mail item.

If you do not move items from your Inbox to one of these archive folders within six months of receipt, the system will automatically and irrevocably delete that item.  Please do not use your Trash folder as a storage area, as your program is likely to be set up with a function to empty the trashcan each time you exit, and if that setting is not on then auto-deletion will still take place at the 6 month deadline for each individual email.

Archive Tutorial (how to move your personal folders to your new archive folders)


What if the folders do not populate?  Your local IT group can work with CCCS to have the folders added to your inbox if they do not appear as expected at the beginning of the month following your hire date.

What if you need to retain items for a longer period due to legal needs?  Departments with fiscal reporting requirements and relevant legal needs can request a 7-year retention folder for new hire staff.  Staff cannot request this for their own folders; it must come from a supervisor via the local IT group.

How do I access my remote Web email account?

System institutional staff and faculty who have a CCCS email account can access Email on the Web at the following address,

This site requires your network user name and password; the one you use to access your computer at the office.  You will need to include the domain name and a mark before your user name.  There is an example image at the left-hand side to help with the format.  If you do not know your user name, domain name, or network password is please contact your local school IT group for assistance.  This is the correct site to use for any email account ending with a school domain address, including:

If you are a student, you should be accessing your email via the icon in the school portal or via the Office 365 site directly, using your student email address as the user ID.  If you do not know your password for student mail, please contact the 24×7 desk at 1-888-800-9198.

If you are attempting to access D2L internal email, this can be done only by signing into D2L and the email can only be used to email other parties within D2L.

What about hardware?

Hardware such as your monitor, speakers or keyboard, is cared for and maintained by the local IT group for your institution. Only CCCS System Office and CCCOnline office staff should call the CCCS IT Help Desk directly for hardware issues.