Series 1 - Vacant


Series 5, 6 - Vacant


Series 7 - Internal Audit

Series 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 - Vacant


Series 17, 18 - Vacant




Series 1 - Vacant


Series 2 - Organization

Ref Title PDF Download
SP 2-25 College Advisory Council – Additional Members link

Series 3 - College Personnel

SP 3-10 Employment Practices for Instructors

SP 3-10a Employment Background Checks

SP 3-15 Evaluation of a State System Community College President

SP 3-20a Peer Review Committee Appeal Process

SP 3-20b Due Process for Faculty Timelines

SP 3-24 Implementation of Drug-Free Workplace

SP 3-31 Evaluation of Faculty Job Performance

SP 3-31a Evaluation of Administrators and Professional/Technical Staff

SP 3-45 Administrative/Professional Technical Salary Plan

SP 3-50a Employee Grievances

SP 3-50b Civil Rights Grievances and Investigation Process

SP 3-55 Faculty Pay Plan

SP 3-60a Family and Medical Leave

SP 3-60b Administrative Leave For K-12 Academic Activities

SP 3-60c Post-Retirement Employment Procedure

SP 3-60d Faculty Leave Transfer

SP 3-60e Tuition Assistance Program for Employees and Tuition Scholarship Program for Spouses, Domestic Partners and Eligible Children

SP 3-65 Sabbatical Plan and Report

SP 3-70a Conflicts of Interest-Relationships

SP 3-110 Records Management and Colorado Open Records Act Requests

SP 3-120a Sexual Misconduct Procedure

SP 3-120b Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Program

SP 3-125a Electronic Communication Procedure

SP 3-125b Cellular Phone Usage Procedure

SP 3-125c General Computer and Information Systems Procedures

SP 3-125d Electronic Communications Management and Retention Procedures

SP 3-125e General Higher Education Opportunity Act Procedures

SP 3-125f Operation of Official Social Media Accounts and Student/Employee Social Media Conduct

SP 3-125g Web Accessibility Procedure

Series 5, 6, 7 - Vacant


Series 9 - Educational Programs

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SP 9-20a Service Area Principles and Guidelines PDF Download
SP 9-20b Community College Service Areas PDF Download
SP 9-30 Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees
SP 9-41 Basic Skills Assessment PDF Download
SP 9-42 Prior Learning Assessment Credit
SP 9-47 Program Review and Evaluation PDF Download
SP 9-48 Honorary Degrees PDF Download
SP 9-71 Community College Course Numbering System PDF Download
SP 9-72 Transfer of Post-secondary Credits from Area Vocational Schools to Community Colleges
SP 9-73 Monitoring of Federal and State Programs PDF Download

Series 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 - Vacant


Series 16 - Buildings and Grounds

Ref Title PDF Download
SP 16-50 Naming of College Facilities PDF Download
SP 16-60 Surplus Property PDF Download
SP 16-60a Surplus Property Disposal Procedure For System Office Departments PDF Download

Series 17, 18 - Vacant


Series 19 - Safety and Security

Ref Title PDF Download
SP 19-10 Violence/Firearms on Campus PDF Download
SP 19-20 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act PDF Download
SP 19-30 Drug Free Schools PDF Download
SP 19-40a Chemical Assessment and Management Planning PDF Download
SP 19-40b Emergency Operations and Management Planning PDF Download
SP 19-40c Behavioral Intervention Teams

College-Specific Faculty Policies/Procedures

College Download/Link
Arapahoe Community College PDF Download
Colorado Northwestern Community College
Community College of Aurora PDF Download
Community College of Denver PDF Download
Front Range Community College PDF Download
Lamar Community College
Morgan Community College PDF Download
Northeastern Junior College PDF Download
Otero Junior College PDF Download
Pikes Peak Community College PDF Download
Pueblo Community College PDF Download
Red Rocks Community College PDF Download
Trinidad Community College PDF Download

Whistleblower Rights

Whistleblower FAQ’s

I’m a Colorado citizen and I want to report a problem related to ARRA funds. What should I do?

Governor Ritter created the Colorado Economic Recovery Accountability Board (CERAB) to ensure that the state and local agencies that are directing funding do so with transparency, accountability and, ultimately, to the highest benefit possible. Colorado citizens who want to report a problem such as evidence of mismanagement of ARRA funds, a waste of ARRA funds, an abuse of authority related to ARRA funds a danger to the public health or safety related to ARRA funds can report the problem to the CERAB staff at 303-764-7718. A web-based capability is under development that will allow complaints to be sent to the Colorado Recovery Website.

I work for a public or private employer who has received ARRA funds and I want to report what I reasonably believe is evidence of a waste of funds, gross mismanagement of funds, a danger to the public health or an abuse of authority related to the ARRA funds received by my employer. What should I do?

Employees of recipients of ARRA funds who reasonably believe there is evidence of gross mismanagement of ARRA funds, a gross waste of ARRA funds, an abuse of authority related to ARRA funds or a danger to the public health or safety related to ARRA funds can report potential ARRA violations without fear of reprisal by their employer. Section 1553 of the Recovery Act provides specific protections for employees of non-federal employers who receive recovery funds and who make such reports. For more information, view the PDF Download ARRA 2009 Notice of Whistleblower Rights (PDF download).