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Dr. Nancy McCallin, President

Dr. Nancy McCallin,

A letter from President Nancy J. McCallin, Ph.D.

Welcome to the Web site for the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), the state’s largest and fastest growing system of higher education. Our colleges are exciting, dynamic institutions that allow you to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals. We welcome everyone who desires an education or seeks to enhance their knowledge and skills. We are the primary doorway for freshmen and sophomores entering Colorado’s higher education. Our colleges are less concerned with where you’ve been than where you want to go and our fundamental goal is making certain that every student receives the individual attention he or she deserves. Our talented instructors are hired to teach and only to teach. Our classes are kept small to ensure that the student-teacher relationship remains vigorous and energetic.

Within this Web site, you can find links to our 13 community colleges as well as the Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline). A map showing all of the locations operated by our colleges is available here. We have information on career and technical education, business and workforce development, and resources for educators and administrators.

Thank you for your interest in the Colorado Community College System, the first step on the exciting journey into higher education.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at

Dr. Nancy McCallin
Colorado Community College System

Fact Sheets

Learn More About CCCS and Each of Our Colleges with these Fact Sheets that provide an overview of the CCCS as a whole and the characteristics of each of our 13 institutions.

Strategic Plan

Our vision is that Colorado community colleges are unsurpassed at providing quality educational opportunities for all who aspire to enrich their lives.

During the first half of the decade, we successfully executed a five-year strategic plan that propelled us toward our vision by focusing our efforts on three key areas: Student Access, Student Success and Operational Excellence.

 2009-2014 Strategic Plan (PDF download)

For our next decade of operation, we have collaborated with our stakeholders to create a new strategic plan that will help us achieve our vision via the attainment of four goals:

  • Transform the student experience
  • Transform our own workforce experience
  • Create education without barriers through transformational partnerships
  • Redefine our value proposition through accessibility, affordability, quality, accountability, resource development and operational excellence

 2015-2025 Strategic Plan (PDF download)

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